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It’s no secret that adolescence and the teenage years can be a difficult time. While some children breeze through adolescence and escape relatively unscathed, others find puberty a very challenging time.

This can be challenging not only for your teen, but for your family, and while their reaction to puberty is no reflection on you, your family, or indeed – on them – it is important to provide support and guidance during these years. While a level of depression and ‘angst’ is very common, even normal, there are some behaviours which require a higher level of support.

Don’t agonise over your child’s behaviour and wonder if they are within the ‘normal’ range of typical adolescent behaviours experienced during puberty; contact us at Blooming Heart and get the support you and your child needs.

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At Blooming Heart, we provide your teen with a safe space to talk about their troubles or worries in a confidential, comfortable and non-judgemental therapeutic setting. Your teen can explore their worries and behaviours with the guidance of our trained therapist who can recognise unhelpful acts or patterns and provide strategies and guidance to help manage them.


  • While adolescence might be a troubling or difficult time, it’s also a new chapter in your child’s life where they begin to develop into a young adult. We offer the support and guidance they can benefit from in a safe space.


  • Teens have been known to experiment with drugs and/or alcohol during adolescence – and while this may be part of teens ‘testing the boundaries’ it doesn’t have to be part of their future. We can help them navigate this difficult time and give them strategies for how to say no when pressured.


  • As a teen therapist in Brisbane, we help your child manage experiences of depression, anxiety, performance fears, and other developmental issues through psychotherapy and counselling sessions.

We provide a warm, welcoming, and non-judgemental space where your child can express themselves and talk about whatever is on their mind.


We want every teen to enjoy their adolescence, and are committed to helping young people, get the best possible help and care.

If your child is experiencing troubling thoughts, flat mood, emptiness, changes in appetite, unwanted thoughts and fears, uncontrollable worry about everyday situations, acts of self-harm, thoughts of suicide or suicidal ideation; it is imperative that you give them the opportunity to speak to a professional who is experienced in teen counselling in Brisbane.

Acting early is important in recognising your teen’s worries and also giving them the resources and support they need to get through this tough time. You can be there to support them and give them all the love in the world, but sometimes they will need a little extra help and support.

Blooming Heart are experienced providers of teen therapy in Brisbane and are here to support and guide you and your child through adolescence. With support and understanding, we believe every teen will be a flourishing and thriving young adult.

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