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Blooming Heart is devoted to the treatment and care of our clients and patients, and we’re always looking for new forms of treatment and therapeutic practices to enhance the lives and treatment of children, adolescents and adults.

AutPlay® Therapy is a play and behavioural therapy approach, which is specifically tailored to help children and their families who are living with autism and other forms of developmental disability.

Blooming Heart Therapy is the only qualified Brisbane-based private practice providing this specialised treatment approach.

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This treatment was developed by Dr Robert Jason Grant and is an innovative model of play therapy for children with autism. The therapy uses a combination of structured play and behavioural approaches with the focus being on improving skills in emotional regulation, relationships, and social connections.

A key part of your child’s success in navigating their daily life stems from emotional regulation and the development of their social skills.

AutPlay Therapy develops your child’s skills in:

  • Self-regulation
  • Social skill development
  • Appropriate relationship connections
  • Behaviour management
  • Emotional regulation


AutPlay Therapy in Brisbane at Blooming Heart also includes a parent training component, which means that not only will your child benefit from their sessions at Blooming Heart, but you can engage in directive play therapy at home, too.

AutPlay was developed as an integrative family play therapy, which values the role you play in being a co-change agent.

You will be equipped with the skills to implement play therapy at home and can work with your child to improve their skill and abilities.


The benefits of AutPlay Therapy as listed above include greater emotional regulation and relationship management, but there is a range of other great benefits to this therapy which exist alongside these primary areas of improvement.

AutPlay has assisted children and families living with autism in:

  • Reduction in anxiety levels for children and parents
  • Increasing sensory processing abilities
  • Improving concentration and focus
  • Reducing or eliminating unwanted behaviours
  • Improving the relationship between parents and children with autism
  • Development of higher-level social skills and relationships
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When you come to see us at Blooming Heart for your AutPlay Therapy session, you can expect to be involved in the session. As far as autism therapy in Brisbane goes, this is a very engaged and participatory treatment.

We will engage in a screening and assessment process, so we know where your child is at with emotional regulation and behaviour, so we know where to direct specific play therapy.

  • Play is a natural language of children; children are born knowing how to play


  • AutPlay Therapy uses this innate knowledge of play and engages with your child in such a way that teaches them skills and enhances their abilities in a positive and connected way


AutPlay is not only effective in working as an autism therapy for Brisbane families, but also for children and adolescents with other neurodevelopment and dysregulation conditions such as cerebral palsy, ADHD, social disorders, impulsive disorders, and others.


Sarah Harwood is a counsellor, psychotherapist, and play therapy specialist at Blooming Heart Therapy. She is the only qualified Brisbane-based private practice providing this specialised treatment approach.

Blooming Heart also provide a range of therapeutic services, and you can be sure of a positive and friendly experience tailored to your child.

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