Couples Therapy


A healthy relationship is one where problems can be raised and discussed openly, with both parties feeling free to express their own points of view. When conflict becomes a dominating feature of the relationship, or where unhelpful patterns begin to emerge, couples therapy can help you get back on track.

Every healthy relationship requires some hard work to flourish, and indeed the healthiest of relationships will see both parties going through conflict and compromising from time to time. Couples counselling can provide a non-judgemental space for each person to work out their points of view in a way that’s respectful and positive.

Couples seek help when their relationship is facing difficulties which they cannot resolve on their own. As unhelpful patterns of communication emerge, such as when people shut down or fail to participate in discussions, a couples therapist in Brisbane can be a helpful mediator to help you achieve the best results for each other.

At Blooming Heart, we’re a marriage counselling expert that Brisbane couples trust for warm, respectful and helpful counselling. Call us on 0490 232 773 to speak to Sarah Harwood – psychotherapist, counsellor and relationship counselling Brisbane service provider.

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Your visit to Blooming Heart will be focused on each person in the couple as an individual, and on the couple unit together. You can expect a personal and specific service which will aim to understand and then shift perspectives in a way that avoids blame, while allowing you to function together as a respectful unit.

We understand that your relationship is specific to you and is unique. We aim to recognise cultural, individual, emotional, and social difference and ensure that your counselling is tailored to suit your needs.


  • Strengthen love and compassion in relationships


  • Recognise the love within your relationship and foster the connectivity that you shared in the beginning


  • Recognise your strengths and build your resources when managing interactions


  • Are sensitive to diverse couples and relationships, including same sex and polyamorous relationships, providing support and a safe place to engage irrespective of your relationships, beliefs, and culture


  • Provide a confidential space where you can discuss your particular needs and discuss relationship issues together and separately


Do not wait until things have reached breaking point before you seek couples counselling. While we recommend that you do try and work on things together, it’s important to engage with a couples counselling expert when necessary.

This is just to give you the breathing room you need to work things out without putting too much extra stress on your relationship and on each other.

  • Note that your partner may not be as willing to undergo couples counselling, but if one person is committed to it, the other may be willing to give it a go


  • Even if one person is willing to work with a therapist, this can be helpful for the relationship
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Whether you’re struggling with infidelity, working through a shift in sexual attitudes, going through troubles due to money issues, or struggling with something else, we’re here to help.

Find the strength your relationship has and engage with Sarah in this positive, kind, friendly and respectful counselling process.

Call us on 0490 232 773 to speak to Sarah Harwood – psychotherapist, counsellor and couples therapy service provider – or contact us online today.