Family Therapy


Families are units that exist together, made up of different personalities, dynamics, and bonds. Within each family, there can be support, conflict, love, and difficulty. Family therapy is a way to help people who are in a close relationship, enjoy a communicative and respectful existence.

Family counselling in Brisbane at Blooming Heart provides a space where families can express and work through painful emotions and have difficult conversations. Part of healthy communication is being able to express yourself and be heard and appreciated when speaking – but we know that sometimes, voices are drowned out in families where there are a lot of competing emotions.

Individuals and families alike find family counselling in Brisbane helpful – both as a maintenance tool for ensuring healthy communication and as a way to move forward from traumatic or difficult experiences.

Here at Blooming Heart, we are a family therapist Brisbane families trust for warm, compassionate, proactive and tailored family therapy. Call us on 0490 232 773 to speak to Sarah Harwood – psychotherapist and counsellor and family therapy service provider.

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What to Expect From Our Family Therapy Service

When you visit us at Blooming Heart, you can expect to receive a tailored service from Sarah who focuses on shifting perspectives in a way that avoids blame and allows the family to engage as a functional unit.

We recognise that every member of your family is an individual and must be treated respectfully, as such, we know that there are nuances and interactions within families which can be managed, treated, enhanced, and refined.


  • Strengthen love and bonds in families


  • Recognise your strengths and build your resources when managing interactions


  • Work in partnership with every member of the family


  • Are sensitive to diverse families and provide support and a safe place to engage irrespective of your relationships, beliefs, and culture


  • Give a space where people can talk together, and separately, in a respectful and positive way where the focus is on engagement and support

Contact Our Family Therapist in Brisbane Today

At Blooming Heart, we are committed to giving you the tools to reconnect with your family and to rediscover the strength and resilience you all have together. We want to give you the ability to connect with each other, overcome breakdowns in communication and to find your own solutions to tough problems.

“Whether you are having trouble with teens going through adolescence and want to ensure you get through things without too much hurt, or if you are struggling with a new relationship or the breakdown of an existing one, or even if your toddler is having meltdowns – we are here to support you”


Find the strength your family has and engage in this active therapy where you are encouraged to grow and manage changes in a positive and realistic way.

Call us on 0490 232 773 to speak to Sarah Harwood – psychotherapist, counsellor and family therapy service provider or contact us online today.