Individual Therapy


Do you believe you can feel better than you do right now? Are you ready to take control of your life and tackle the issues that are holding you back?

Individual therapy is an empowering journey of self-discovery where you develop greater self-awareness and improve on your personal capacity for growth. If you’re looking for individual counselling in a confidential, caring and respectful space, we’re here to provide you with exactly that.

Our clients come to see us when they need help working through difficult emotions, experiences, thoughts, and behaviours. Whether you’re grappling with addiction, looking for help moving past a traumatic incident, or hoping to achieve a promotion at work and need some guidance on how to put your best self forward; we’re here for you.

At Blooming Heart, we can help you make sense of what can, at first glance, appear confusing and difficult. Call us on 0490 232 773 to speak to Sarah Harwood – our psychotherapist, counsellor and therapist in Brisbane.

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People come to see us for many reasons; whether they’re working through trauma, dealing with anxiety or going through the process of moving through bereavement. Other people are curious to find out more about themselves and are looking to make the most of their skills, talents, and abilities.

Whatever your reasons, when you come to see us at Blooming Heart you can expect to be welcomed with warmth. The environment here is supportive, open, engaging, and tailored to suit you.

The special role that your counsellor in Brisbane will play is identifying personal ‘blind spots’ and patterns of behaviour that have been holding you back, along with helping you experience personal growth and develop greater happiness and acceptance of yourself.


  • Help you grow in wisdom and experience


  • Equip you with the tools and abilities you need to develop personal skills and abilities


  • Coach you for the short and long term, cognisant of the fact that therapy is a dynamic process which results in intensive personal growth


  • Are sensitive to diverse individuals and provide support and a safe place to engage, irrespective of your relationships, beliefs, and culture


  • Provide a confidential space where you can discuss your particular needs and issues


We all have patterns that no longer serve us that we keep coming back to, which is why individual therapy is a gift you can give yourself and your loved ones.

When you work with us, you’re giving yourself the time you need to reflect and discover new things about yourself. We give you the space to examine your behaviour, face painful realities, examine your past relationships and look for new ways to handle conflict.

  • Thinking and talking things through with your therapist gives you a great sense of clarity and understanding of your future


  • Gain strategies and tactics for breaking past behaviours and moving forward with peace and strength
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Whether you want to experience your life more deeply, want to engage in more satisfying personal relationships, or resolve personal conflicts, Blooming Heart gives you the freedom to grow with confidence and empowerment.

Contact us online or call us on 0490 232 773 to speak to our psychotherapist, counsellor and individual therapy service provider Sarah Harwood.